The Wine Cellar is considered as the final encounter/battle with Oryx, but even so it is only a mid-game dungeon. With powerful enemies that lurk within every corner of the cellar, it is one of the toughest dungeons created. It holds powerful and prestigious gear, such as the Wine Cellar Tops (Tier 12 Weapons, T13 Armor and T6 Abilities) which are highly prized across the realm.

WC Screenshot 1

Wine Cellar.

WC Map

Map of Wine Cellar

You spawn at the bottom right or left of the dungeon, where you have to navigate your way through ling hallways battling enemies until you reach the main chamber, where Oryx resides.

How to Get In

There is only one way of getting into the dungeon, and that is by consuming a Wine Cellar Incantation when you are near the locked Wine Cellar portal. The portal then unlocks and allows players to venture into the Cellar.

Private Cellars

Since shortly after its release, people have been running private wine cellars only opened for certain players. These tend to be the only wine cellars in which the rooms are actually cleared. In most wine cellars, however, most players simply run right past the minions as fast as they can go to reach oryx first. This allows for more time to get the required soulbound damage on Oryx.


Oryx resides in the large room at the end of the wine cellar and he will be surrounded by minions. get ready for a tough fight!


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