Loot Bag 5

The white bags (tier 5) are bags that Drop Untiered items that vary from 4%-6% fame bonus, they are characterized by being very situational. An example is the Staff of Extreme Prejudice . Even though it has the highest DPS in the game, you have to stand on the enemy to get in full damage. White bags carry extremely cool UT items and most of those items will be highly overpowered or something that you should feed to your pet ( BURN CORAL RINGS IN FIRES ) White bags used to have a drop chance of about 1/1000, but for various reasons it's been changed, and now only a few items still have the 1/1000 droprate, such as Event UTs. Don't miss any white bags you see or you might miss a cool UT item. (Don't sit on Djinns to get them, though. What good will it be if you die getting the white? Clear the area around it if there are any dangerous enemies.)

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