"This wand was used by ancient battle mages to deter invaders. The secrets to it's construction have long been lost."

The Wand of Bulwark is dropped from Stheno the Snake Queen in the Snake Pit.                           


Tier Range Damage Rate of Fire Stat Changes Fame Feed Comments
UT 6.6 300-400 (350) 33.33% 0 6% 650 Passes through obstacles


This wand does not fire like all the other wands. If you have seen those lazy bullets that travel around in a figure eight fired by sandsman mages and red demons, the wand of the bulwark is like that.The only way to shoot an enemy is to...

  1. Sit on the enemy. (Not reccomended, since robe classes are the squishyest)
  2. Create a minefield and attract the enemy into it. (Safer)

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