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A player in the vault

The Vault is entered by entering the gold doors in the Nexus , very close to the spawn. The vault does as its name suggests - it allows you to store items and equipment that you don't currently need or want to save from loss. When you join the game, you will find one of the chests in the vault already unlocked. There are a total of 20 vault chests, however if you want more than the one you have already got, you will need to purchase it for Realm Gold, which in turn, can be purchased for real world money. Each vault chest can fit a total of 8 items. In total, to buy all 19 remaining chests, it costs 9500 Realm Gold. Also In the back of your vault you will find a golden chest which during certain events may contain an item for you.

In order to get more storage space without paying any real world money, players will resort to making one or many 'Mule' accounts. These accounts are seperate accounts which act as storage space, as each new account has 16 Storage slots (8 in the vault and 8 In the inventory).

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