If you didn't know, the worst hack in the history of Realm of the Mad God, even worse than the time SwatSecOne hacked into the game's server and spawned a bunch of mega-powerful baddies and killed 2,000+ players, happened just a few days ago. SwatSecOne (SwatSec) is back and he shut down the game and put a bragging message on including a ransom note saying that if you wanted the game code you had to fork over $1,000. He later added a chat applet containing malicious code. Note: if you clicked that chat window, then you should install the anti-virus programs listed by Kabam that you will find when the game's site is redirected to the forums. This is, without a doubt, the WORST hack in the history of this game. 

In the meantime, Kabam has taken the game offline while they fix any loopholes in the security and restore the code and player data to thir former glory. Kabam clearly states that they are more interested in making sure the game is secure and stable rather than getting it back online A.S.A.P. Keep in mind that this is better for everyone and they are just trying to make sure that our players and the game servers are safe, s please don't spam them with mean comments or complaints. This is a serious matter, but everyone is trying to fix things up and restore what we once had. We're working on this together, Kabam staff, players and fans alike. Hopefully the game will be up next week, so stay tuned to the forums for more information on what's happening and when the game wil be released.

- MailDaemon


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