Trains are formed when players gang up and run all along the roads in a realm, although sometimes they form in the Godlands. When they form in the Godlands, they are called, believe it or not, Godlands trains. Sometimes, a lower leveled beginner teleports upon such a group. He may run towards a wall of gods, termed "god wall", luring them to the group and often completely destroying said group. Upon seeing such noobs, one should lure all shots towards him, saving the group at the expense of above noob's life. Warning, if you were not able to see this wall coming you may die, to help this from happening i reconmend you teleport to nexus when the wall is upon you.Other types of trains include "Fame trains". A group of players assemble in the godlands with the goal of gaining fame. Such trains are usually found on the EUWest2 server

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