Tome of Purification

 "An Ancient tome bound in white leather, created to aid in the struggle against the ultimate evil."

Tier MP Cost Restores Range Effect Stat Bonus Fame Bonus Feed Power
Untiered 100 250 HP 6 Removes negative status conditions +7 VIT, +7 WIS 6% 900

Drops From:

The tome of purification is an excellent tome for any priest. The +7 vit and +7 wis allows you to gain a mix of regeneration of HP and MP. When the tome is used, it restores 250 hp and removes all negative effects on yourself and those around you (allowing you to save yourself and your allies plummeting into certain demise). This item works well when faced against an enemy that can stun, weaken, paralyze, blind, confuse, or inflict any status effect upon you. The only downside about this tome is that its range is lower than the T6 tome and heals 50 less, but the purification effect is worth losing the 50 healing power. As for Tome of Purification(puri) versus Tome of Holy Protection (prot), they have equal healing power, but are used in different situations, Holy Prot being used more often for eventing. It is always worth having one of these tomes in your inventory, in case you run into a swarm of status-effect-inflicting monsters.

This tome is very useful in rushing Mad Labs. Hex oneself by running into the green pools, then rush with the speedy boost. Once you need to use your weapon, purify and wreak havoc. Also very popular in Wine Cellars, by removing the deadly Confuse, Slow and Sick status effects from you and your allies.

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