Tomb of the ancients is a lategame dungeon and is the main source of the prized Potions of Life (there are only two dungeons which drop this potion, including The Shatters). When entering the tomb, please keep in mind that without maxed defense and speed you will most likely not survive the boss battle, as there are 3 bosses at once, each of them shooting projectiles that deal 300 damage. Also, there is a high chance of getting paralyzed, stunned, slowed, quieted and weaked. This all is multiplied by the fact that most of the floor is quicksand, and if youre not careful the floor will slow you by 75%. Take caution in avoiding a deadly encounter with any boss when they are in their "Final Phase".

The tomb layout

When you enter the tomb via the portal, you spawn in the boss room. The bosses, Bes, Nut and Geb, do not move, attack or taunt the player via chat, but they are invulnerable. In order to activate the bosses (and kill them), you need to clear all Sarcophaguses in the tomb. There can be up to 5 sarcophagus in the dungeon at a time. When all of the sarcophaguses are cleared, the bosses taunt you via chat and start moving around the room.


In order to activate the bosses, you need to clear all Sarcophaguses in the tomb. The sarcophaguses are protected by jackal priests, who inflick Weak which will slow your assault on the Sarcophagus. When all the priests are killed and sarcophagus is the only monster left, it will fire shield projectiles which cause stun on impact. If not all of the Priests are destroyed, they will constantly heal the sarcophagus, making it almost impossible to kill.


Treasure Room

From time to time, it is possible to bump into a treasure room. In the treasure room, there ís only the sarcophagus. The room has a golden floor and is circular in shape. when you attack the sarcophagus, it spawns canopic jars around itself that spawn scarabs if not killed fast enough. the treasure sarcophagus drops potions of speed as well as other mid-high tier loot while the jars drop Health and Mana Potions.

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