People have stuff that they don't need, but dont annoy people. That is the worst thing you can do.

Don't teleport to someone the is to far into the realm, or be prepared if you do.

Always think ahead. Save stuff in your vault so you can recover where you left off if you die

Do some reasearch on some of the monsters before you face them. With a capital "rea".

Try to make friends and team.

Save everything useful that you get. However, emphasis on the useful.

Oryx will always be there. If you're low on health while fighting him, don't be afraid to nexus, or let others get the loot. Loot is no use when you cant get it.

Don't get greedy. Better safe than sorry. Wait until all monsters are cleared out before approaching a loot bag. Loot is no use when you are dead and it is on the floor next to you.

While enemies are blinking blue, they will become harder if you damage them.

Set your nexus hotkey to something near your movement keys.. this slices your amount of "deaths" by half.

And a Pro tip: You will die sooner or later, don't rage quit, learn from your mistakes, instead of suffering from it.

Defense is rare for a mid-skill player, my advice is to get speed from snake pits and trade 3 of them for defense. this is easy because snake pits have treasure rooms.

how do you use rogue it's health is so low and it's attack is not powerful at all it is just not possible please give me some tips.

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