Tinctures are used to increase a stat for 30 seconds. They increase the stat by 15. Effusions do the same thing, but all effusions increase your stat by 30 within a range of 6 tiles.  Tinctures and Effusions were formerly sold in the Nexus for Realm Gold, butthey are no longer able to be purchased this way. Both Tinctures and Effusions are Soulbound. Purchasing Chests in the Vault using Realm Gold will reveal a random Nexus item inside it, which can include either a Tincture or Effusion. Another way to obtain Tinctures and Effusions is by finding them in the Arena. Effusions can also be found in some mystery boxes.

Tincture Stat Boost Feed Power
Tincture of Defense
+15 DEF 15
Tincture of Dexterity
+15 DEX 10
Tincture of Life
+75 Max HP 10
Tincture of Mana
+75 Max MP 10
Effusion Stat Boost Feed Power
Effusion of Defense
+30 DEF 20
Effusion of Dexterity
+30 DEX 20
Effusion of Life
+150 Max HP 15
Effusion of Mana
+150 Max MP 15

Every time you use an item that temporarily increases a stat, any other boost of the same stat used before the time limit of the first item will only give half of the stat efficiency of the previous item’s efficiency; starting at 100%, then 50%, then 25%, etc. The stat increase itself is rounded down. The time limit for each use is still separate.

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