The gloomy and abandoned ruins, enveloped by twilight, are now the shelter of the shadows. Once a legendary kingdom, its walls are broken, its dwellers are forgotten. No living souls had entered these grounds. No noble creatures had stepped into it. The immense kingdom has fallen, its sentinels has turned to dust. No one remembered its name, and no one will. It's called the Ruins. The Grave. The Shatters...



The Shatters is one of the most dangerous dungeons in RotMG. The original concept was originally made by a player named LordShon in the old Wildshadow forums. After Kabam modified the designs and layout, it was released into production on December 2013. The original designs can be found in this archive:

The dungeon opens on rare occasions when The Avatar of the Forgotten King is defeated.

The Shatters contains high level enemies and end game loot. It should only be attempted by skilled/experienced players who know what they are doing.


The layout of the dungeon is as follows on the photo on the right hand side. Unlike most dungeons, the Shatters has an unchanged layout, meaning it is not randomly generated. There are 3 boss rooms, one near the start, in the middle and at the end. Switches are needed to be destroyed before proceeding to the next room/s. This reduces rushing from happening. Teleporting is also not allowed in the dungeon.

Shatters Layout

Layout of the Shatters



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