The HUD, or GUI HUD, is the grey rectangle on the right of the game screen, containing from top to bottom:

- Realm Map (zoom in and out with scroll or white arrows on top right of map)

- Player name, and to the right is the Nexus button (to flee at last moment, which most players make the button R as an easier way to flee) or Options button if you're not in the Realm

- The player inventory, from top to bottom, including:

> 3 buttons to open inventory, stat info and if a pet is following the pet stats

> equiment section

> the inventory slots composed of 8 items max

> and finally below that is the health and magic pot slots.

- Below the inventory is space, divided by a small line, shows nearby players, where the players inventory is shown during trades, and the space for the Enter button for portals and buying items in the Nexus

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