Stheno the Snake Queen

Stheno the Snake Queen

Stheno the Snake Queen is the boss of the snake pit, which is dropped by enemies in the midlands and highlands.


HP: 7500 DEF: 19 EXP: 525


Attack Damage Projectile Speed Range Special
Blade 100 7 10.5 Piercing
White Bullet 60 6.2 12.4


Blind (1.4s)

Strategies: The best place to be while fighting Stheno is inside the ring of pets that she spawns, circling her is good if you are a long ranged class and moving in but carefully dodging her white bullets (100 base) for the melee users. The best time to strike is her blind bomb spamming stage where she hurls white balls that blind and throws red grenade-like projectiles but this is also the most dangerous phase to be in range of... Knights and archers are the most useful in this dungeon boss fight for the following reasons: the knight can use its shield just after her snakes start to dissapear in her second phase, archers have good range as well as dexterity and when paired with the Doombow this can be devastating to any dungeon.

Snake skin shield

Snake skin shield (UT)


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