Confuse - The movement keys change (S becomes A, A becomes S, W becomes D and D becomes W).

Drunk -Screen becomes warped. (old effects: Screen slowly gets blurry)

Weak - Temporarily reduces character attack.

Slow - Temporarily reduces speed.

Stunned - Unable to attack.

Paralyzed - Unable to move.

Bleeding - Health bar decreases rapidly until time runs out or health is 1 HP.

Blind - Screen goes very dark.

Quiet - forces your MP bar to 0, unable to regain MP until the time ends.

Hallucinate - Makes every sprite in the game (even environment) turn into a different random sprite.

Armour Broken - Lose all defense (defense doesn't take away from damage) for a short amount of time.

Dazed - Dexterity is halved (can't shoot fast) for a short amount of time.

Darkness - Screen becomes pitch black everywhere except for a small circle around the player

Unstable - Player can still shoot, but shots fly in random directions. unable to aim.

Hexed - Turns your character into a random sprite. You will retain all your normal functions. (Found in Mad lab mysterious liquid and Transformation Potion, usually is partnered with speedy and stunned status effect.)

Stasis - Turns whatever is under the effect into a stone statue; essentially it cannot move, attack, talk, etc.


Berserk - Dexterity is temporarily increased.

Speedy - Speed is temporarily increased.

Regeneration - Vitality is temporarily increased.

Invisibility - No longer targetable by enemies, however, can be hit by projectiles and obstacles.

Armored - Doubles defense.

Invulnerability - Immune to any source of normal damage, but can still be harmed by status effects.

Damaging - Damage output is multiplied by 1.5.

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