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Stats (Statistics) are the disciplines of which the character has a level to, which determines his/her overall strength in the game. The eight disciplines are as below;

Speed (Spd) - The movement speed of your character.

Dexterity (Dex) - This will affect your rate of fire.

Attack (Atk) - Determines how much additional damage you can do with your weapon.

The formula for damage is (x*(0.5+a/25)), where x is the average damage for your

weapon and a is your attack stat.

Defense (Def) - Increasing your defense will mean that you receive less damage from

enemies. Each point in defense corresponds to 1 less damage taken.

Vitality (Vit) - The rate at which your health regenerates.

Wisdom (Wis) - The rate at which your mana regenerates.

Hit Points (HP) - This is how much health your character has. When your health reaches

-1, you die.

Mana Points (MP) - Each character has a special ability, which requires mana points,

mana points (MP) determine how many times your character can use his/her special ability.

Your character's stats will increase as your overall level increases, once your character is level 20 (The highest possible level) your stats can only be permanently increased with the eight 'stat potions ', of which there are types of for each discipline. It is worth noting that all potions apart from "Life Potions" and "Mana Potions" permanently increase the discipline by 1 point, however these two potions increase the stat by 5 points.

Your character's stats can only be increased to a certain point, for example; 'Robe type' classes may only have level 25 defense until it hits the "cap" which is the point where the stat can no longer be increased. once your stat reaches it's maximum level, you will notice that the color of both the stat and level will turn yellow (to indicate that this level has reached it's maximum. See "stat increasing potions" for more.

Players have created an easy way to determine the overall strength of a character by saying how many of the eight disciplines are at the level cap. This is explained with the "x/8" system, where the "x" indicates the number of stats your character has that are at their highest level, for example; Provided your character had the highest possible level for defense, attack and dexterity, your character would be a "3/8" character, meaning that three of the eight disciplines are at the highest level.

To find out your character's maximum possible level in each discipline, you may want to use the website on the link below;

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