Potion of Defense

Stat increasing potions are points that increase you stats . There are 8 different potions in total. Potion of Life, Mana, Defence, Attack, Vitality, Wisdom, Speed and Dexterity.

Potions of Defense, Attack and Speed can be received as drops from the Realm Gods. Potions of Vitality can be received from some of the level 20 Quests such as Cube God and Skull Shrines . Potions of Dexterity can only be dropped by Limon the Sprite God (found in the sprite world ). Potions of Mana can only be dropped by Dungeon boss of the Ocean Trench and the spawner eggs in the boss room of The Crawling Depths and Son Of Arachna. Potions of Life can only be dropped by the 3 bosses in the Tomb of The Ancients and are regarded as the most valuable Potions.

Potions of Defence, Attack, Speed, Dexterity, Vitality and Wisdom increase their respective stat by 1 point where as Life and Mana potions increase the stat by 5.

All stat increasing potions drop in a big blue bag.

Surviving an amount of Arena waves also drops consumables (but mostly stat pots).

Potion List

Potion Effect Feed Power
Potion of Attack
+1 ATT 150
Potion of Defense
+1 DEF 150
Potion of Speed
+1 SPD 150
Potion of Dexterity
+1 DEX 150
Potion of Vitality
+1 VIT 150
Potion of Wisdom
+1 WIS 150
Potion of Life
+5 Maximum HP 250
Potion of Mana
+5 Maximum MP 250

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