The Spider Den is a low level dungeon. The boss is Arachna the Spider Queen.


Drops From


Here are all different types of spiders

  • Green: they are in small green ovular eggs, and only hatch if you shoot or touch the egg. Out of an egg, 2-5 green spiders can hatch.
  • Brown: shoots 3 waves of 3 small purple bullets that each do eleven damage; will rush at you.
  • Black: Does twenty damage with each shot.
  • Red: does twenty damage but is much faster and shoots faster than black.
  • Black Spotted: does thirty damage and will weave towards you at high speed.
  • Red Spotted: does twenty-five damage and will chase you at a somewhat fast speed.

Dungeon Boss

Arachna The Spider Queen

This Evil Spider Queen resides in her lair, feasting off orcs and goblins who find their way into the Spider Den. Her spider minions are normally docile. However, when an intruder makes his way into the lair of this Monstrous Arachnid, she will fight with everything she has. Be wary of her weakening poison! It can leave you in a very, umm, sticky situation. (Sorry for the bad pun.)

You will find Arachna sitting in the middle of a large room with eight pillars surrounding it. When you approach her, she is invulnerable. go to Spider Den#Phases for her entire behavior list.


  • HP: 2,700
  • Defense: 4
  • XP: 216

  • Immune to Stasis
  • Level 1 Quest
  • Counts toward God Kills


Starting Phase: Arachna starts out in the middle of the room and is invulnerable. when you approach her she will launch out 9 Web Elements which take 1.5 seconds to land and slow you (but do no damage) when touched. After that, she becomes vulnerable and starts moving.

Battle Phase: Arachna will start wandering away from her web, shooting green magic blasts and occasionally her poison ball. She will sometimes shoot her poison ball then her green magic blasts in a circle around her. With the slowing webs, it can make dodging extremely difficult. she will keep switching between wandering away from the nearest player and moving back towards the center of her web.

(Tip: try to stay as close as you can towards the middle of the web, so then when Arachna returns to the center she will run straight into your line of fire. This can make the battle extremely easy. Just be sure to avoid her weakening poison bombs!)



Poison Balls

  • Damage: 75
  • Comments: Piercing
  • Status Effects: Weak 5 Seconds

Green Magic blasts

  • Damage: 30
  • Comments: Piercing

Web Elements: Web Beams:

  • Damage: 0
  • Status effects: Slow 5 Seconds
  • Cooldown: None (no shots)
  • (Tip: if you are a Knight, you can stun Arachna or the Web Elements. either one will make the battle easier, but if you have a high-tiered shield or lots of mp and wisdom, taking out a few of the web elements for a short while might be a good strategy, due to the webs slowing effect.)

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