An ability used by a Necromancer that takes a group of enemys' HP and heals you and your allies. Best used on construct groups or normal groups. Upon use, small red particles appear and white particles quickly fly to the necromancer and his nearby allies. The heal is fully applied to all nearby allies, but armor will weaken the heal. All damage dealt to the enemy is used to heal the necromancer and his allies, so if the enemy has more armor than the skull can damage or is invulnerable, no health will be replenished. Because of the fact that many of the high-tier skulls cost so much MP, the skull of choice for most necromancers is the Essence Tap Skull.

Tier 0: Necrotic Skull Damage: 25 Radius: 2.5 MP Cost: 40

Necrotic skull


Tier 1: Breathtaker Skull Damage: 45  Radius: 2.75 MP Cost: 60

Breathtaker skull

Tier 2: Heartstealer Skull  Damage: 70  Radius:MP Cost: 80

Heartstealer skull


Tier 3: Soul Siphon Skull Damage: 100  Radius: 3.25  MP Cost: 100  Fame Bonus: 1%

Soul siphon skull

Tier 4: Essence tap Skull  Damage: 125  Radius: 3.5  MP Cost: 120 Fame Bonus: 2%

Essence Tap skull

Tier 5: Lifedrinker Skull Damage: 150  Radius: 3.75 MP Cost: 140 Fame Bonus: 3%

Lifedrinker skull

Tier 6: Bloodsucker Skull Damage: 150 Radius: 3.75 MP Cost: 140  Fame bonus: 4% Stat boosts: +2 Vit, +2 Wis

Bloodsucker skull

UT: Cracked Crystal Skull Damage: 80 Radius: 4.25 MP Cost: 120 Fame Bonus: 2% 

Cracked Crystal Skull

Unreleased: Skull of Endless Torment Damage: 200 Radius: 2 MP Cost: 135 Fame Bonus: 6% Stat Bonuses: +4 Vit, +3 Dex

Skull of Endless Torment

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