Septavius and his minions

Many speculate Septavius as Oryx's father, but in fact, Oryx thought his deceased father after his execution did not be returned to the land of the living. Septavius is a common name in the Realm, such as "Jack" is a common name in the real world. Septavius was Oryx's most prestigious follower and was a prince who ruled a kingdom of few. He prayed to Oryx for help against his enemies, which Oryx responded to with the assistance of his great army. Many of his kingdom's citizens thought Prince Septavius was an extremist and after many years had enough. So one night an assassin slipped into his castle, took out the guards, and slipped a dose of potent poison into the prince's water glass. When Prince Septavius awoke and sipped the glass of his water, he perished before he knew his time was up. Oryx was enraged at the murder of his most devoted disciple. So with near immediacy he ordered his Lichs to bring the prince's soul much power. The Liches did as they were told, and soon after, the prince's body was avenged with the fall of once his kingdom. Septavius hid in what was once his royal dungeon, and his followers became the underlings of the Undead Lair. The tar and mud used for torture were possessed by some spirits and turned into your Lair slimes. The brazen men on the walls of the obioulette became your average Lair Constructs, and there we have it, the Undead Lair is in its current state, ready to challenge all who come across it...


  • HP: 8000
  • DEF: 12
  • EXP: 560
  • Immune to Stasis
  • Levitates off ground
  • counts toward god kills
  • Level 1 quest


Aesthetics Damage Effects Speed(tile/sec) Range(tiles) Comments
White Bullet 75 8 12 Piercing, Armor Piercing
Brown Magic 40-45 Quiet 1s 9 23.4 Wobble, Pierce, Boomerang
Yellow Star 65 Confused 1.5s 5.7 17.1 Piercing
White Bullet 160 4 16 Piercing
White Bullet 60 7 14 Piercing


Spiraling Bullets Phase:

  • Septavius fires the armor piercing White Bullets in a three-armed sprial pattern. Lair Ghost Archers, Knights, Mages, Paladins, Rogues, and Warriors that surround Septavius will chase the closest player.

Bullet Ring Phase:

  • Septavius fires rings of White Bullets around himself. Be careful: this has killed 8/8 knights.

Quiet and Confuse Phase:

  • Septavius fires Quiet stars and tiny brown bullets that inflict Quiet. Septavius slowly wanders toward the closest player.

Ghost Spawning Phase:

  • Septavius spawns Ghost Mages, Warriors, and Rogues of Septavius which will chase the closest player. The Mages tend to stay close to him. He will also fire white bullets at the closest player.



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