''A seal that is said to briefly borrow the power of the gods themselves. Some

Paladins shun its dark power, others embrace it.''    

Seal of the Blasphemous Prayer (also known as Oreo) is a soulbound seal, usable by the Paladin. It is the only item then can grant complete invulnerability to the user, apart from the /pause command. This, however, comes at the cost of halving the Damaging and Healing buff duration. Skilled Paladins always carry both Oreo and GCookie and switch when needed.

Healing and damaging: Invulnerable: Stats: MP cost: Fame bonus: Feed power:
5 seconds 1.4 Seconds (self) +5 Speed 100 6% 750

''BAAALZDEEP!!!'' Random Paladin charging Oryx sporting Oreo and Demon Blade.


Since it grants invulnerability to the user for 1.4 seconds, it allows the user to tank multiple shots that would normally instakill even a maxed knight. It also afflicts Healing and Damaging for 5 seconds. It goes well with the Demon Blade, as it allows the Paladin to hit both shots without taking damage. Be careful, your invulnerability only lasts for 1.4 seconds and when youre hugging Oryx 2 and your invulnerability runs off you're in some deep trouble. Better nexus.

Goes well with

Paladin: 'Nuff said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

GCookie: It does everything that Oreo does not and vice versa. GCookie is meant to either be used in large groups or when youre not in action and you need to heal.                                                                                                 Demon Blade. Explained above: invulnerability allows you to hit both shots.                                                             Dex/Atk rings: When you need to deal a lot of damage you can just switch to these rings and take enemy head on. Be careful though, as you have less defense when carrying these rings.                                                             

Comparison to Seal of the Blessed champion (GCookie)

Skilled Paladins carry both seals with them and switch between them when necesarry. GCookie has double the time of Healing and Damaging, but does not grant Invulnerability (Unlike the Oreo). When you need to heal and you're not in a dangerous spot, you should switch to GCookie and use its 10 second healing buff. When you need to rush into action and tank some shit its better to switch onto Oreo and use its invulnerability buff.

Oreo GCookie
Healing and Damaging 5 seconds 10 seconds
Invulnerability (self) 1.4 seconds None
On equip: +5 Speed +2 Vit +2 Wis
MP cost 100 95
Fame bonus 6% 4%
Feed power: 750 380

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