• Oryx is feeling...Clucky.
  • Added support for Boss Dungeons
  • Announcement Ticker for administrator messages.
  • News Icon added to the HUD (when there is news).
  • News Modal will open when the News Icon is clicked.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Bug Fix: Users can no longer /pause walk in the Shatters
  • Bug Fix: Missing Belt Pixel fixed for Slime Archer Skin
  • Bug Fix: Shades of the Avatar no longer spawn multiple times
  • Improvement: All Loot chests in the Shatters now have a 3 sec invulnerability period.
  • Improvement: Stat pots cannot be consumed if the base stat is already maxed.

Comment - SGT_Sunshine

For anyone wondering about the News Ticker:

  • When an announcement is made in CHAT, it will also be displayed in the News Ticker.
  • The ticker will not display inside Dungeons or Realms, but you will still see it in the CHAT window.
  • The ticker will display twice.

This was primarily to allow us to announce downtime and events, and is simply a copy of what's in the chat window.

Comment - rotmg_KoalaP

The only changes that were made to the chicken were these:

  • Chicken Egg and Chicken Boss are Stasis Immune
  • Anatis and CLeg now drop in a white bag (previously one was dropping in a cyan and the other in a potion)
  • Small name change to reflect that its Chicken Oryx (this was more for clarification on our side)

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