Quivers are the Archer's Special Ability. It shoots a single heavy arrow at the enemy, doing more damage than a regular arrow.

All Quivers have a range of 15, Pierce through obstacles (besides walls), and pierce through enemies (besides Quiver of Thunder)

Tier Name Stat Changes Damage Fame Feed Status Effect
1 Reinforced Quiver 0% Slow
2 Iron Quiver +2 DEX 0% Slow
3 Elvencraft Quiver +3 DEX


0% Paralyze
4 Magesteel Quiver +4 DEX 240-320 (280) 1% Paralyze
5 Golden Quiver +5 DEX 290-350 (320) 3% Paralyze
6 Quiver of Elvish Mastery

+5 DEX +2 VIT   +2 WIS

290-350 (320)

4% Paralyze
UT Quiver of Thunder +5 ATT

310-360 (335)

6% Daze

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