T4 Prism of Figments

Tier 4 prism.

Prisms are the abilities of tricksters. When activated they immediatly teleport the player (capped at certain distance - can't teleport miles away) to the cursor and leaves a decoy behind that moves in the opposite direction, at the cost of MP. The time the decoy gets longer as the tiers increase.

There are currently 8 prisms in the game (T0 is included when you create new trickster).


Tier Prism Name MP Cost Decoy Duration

Bonus Effect

Fame Bonus Feed Power
Prism T0 Decoy Prism
Decoy Prism 60 3 s 5
Prism T1 Deception Prism
Deception Prism 65 4.5 s 10
Prism T2 Illusion Prism
Illusion Prism 70 4 s 1% 20
Prism T3 Hallucination Prism
Hallucination Prism 75 4.5 s 2% 45
Prism T4 Prism of Figments
Prism of Figments 80 5 s 3% 90
Prism T5 Prism of Phantoms
Prism of Phantoms 85 5.5 s 4% 185
Prism T6 Prism of Apparitions
Prism of Apparitions 85 5.5 s +2 WIT +2 WIS 5% 380
Prism UT Ghostly Prism
Ghostly Prism 65 3 s
  • 6 Explosions 40-90 DMG each after a brief delay in place of disappearance
  • without the decoy effect
6% 1200

UT -> Untiered -> Can't trade that item to another player.

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