Pirate Cave

One of the first dungeons good for new players, the Pirate Cave.

The Pirate Cave is the easiest dungeon and is usually the first one players encounter. The boss in this dungeon is Dreadstump The Pirate King.


Tier 1-3 weapon

Tier 1-4 armor

Tier 1 ring

Tier 1 ability

Potion of health

Drops from Dreadstump:
Pirate Cave Portal

The Pirate Cave Portal

Tier 1-4 weapon

Tier 1-4 armour

Tier 1 ring

Tier 1 Ability

Pirate Rum (soulbound)

Drops From




Bandit Leader

Hobbit Mage

Undead Hobbit Mage

Undead Hobbit Mage Minions


After being defeated by the Pirates of Deadwater Docks, Dreadstump lead his pirates back to the outer rim of the realm. They readied their ships and were preparing to voyage to other lands that Oryx the Mad God had lied to them about. Dreadstump was taken by suprise when an Admiral reported a coast cave. After clearing, Dreadstump declared it "Pirate Cave", which is Dreadstump's Headquarters as he plans his revenge on the Pirates of Deadwater Docks.

Dungeon Boss - Dreadstump the Pirate King

Dreadstump the Pirate King


  • Stats;

HP: 800 

DEF: 3 
EXP: 64 *Attacks;

- Damage = 17, Projectile tiles per second = 7.5, Tile range = 11.2, Special ability = none.  Black Cannonball 
- Damage = 25, Projectile tiles per second = 13, Tile range = 14.3, Special ability = none. 

  • Drops

Tier 2 Weapon 
Tier 3 Weapon 
Tier 1 Armor 
Tier 1 Ring  Pirate Rum

Dungeon minions


Pirate Admiral

Pirate Admiral

Pirate Admiral 

HP: 95 
DEF: 0 
EXP: 10 

Pirate Captain

Pirate Captain

-Pirate Captain 

HP: 85 
DEF: 0 
EXP: 9 

Pirate Commander

Pirate Commander

-Pirate Commander

HP: 75 
DEF: 0 
EXP: 8 

Pirate Lieutenant

Pirate Lieutenant

-Pirate Lieutenant 

HP: 65
DEF: 0 
EXP: 7 

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