Pentaract ub

Penteract Towers forming their star

The Pentaract is an event boss that spawns multiple times in a realm. It is the entire construction of all five (sessile) towers and the pentagram created by them, not just one tower. When all five towers are up, the particle lines created by each tower are red; when a tower is destroyed they turn yellow. When all towers are destroyed, each of the five towers has a chance to drop loot.

Stats (Pentaract Tower)

Hp Def Exp Location
5000 0 50 Highlands, Mountains


  • Does not move
  • Does not Protect



Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
100 8 Radius: 4 Cooldown: 5s


Purple Bag 22
  • Tier 8 Weapon
  • Tier 9 Weapon
  • Tier 8 Armor
  • Tier 9 Armor
  • Tier 4 Ability
  • Tier 3 Ring
  • Tier 4 Ring
Egg Basket 22
Cyan Bag 22
  • Tier 10 Weapon
  • Tier 11 Weapon
  • Tier 10 Armor
  • Tier 11 Armor
  • Tier 12 Armor
  • Tier 5 Ability
  • Tier 5 Ring
Blue Bag 22
White Bag 22

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