Oryx 2
Found in the Wine Cellar which can be opened using a Wine Cellar Incantation after defeating Oryx 1 in Oryx's Chamber.

Oryx's Chamber can be reached through the Chamber portal that appears in Oryx's Castle. When you go through, it better be with lots of friends, because when you disturb Oryx, you'll have to fight him off as well as the many minions that follow.


  • HP: 75,000
  • DEF: 60
  • EXP: 7,500
  • Immune to stasis
  • counts toward god kills
  • counts toward oryx kills


  • Red star: 160 damage, passes cover, armor piercing
  • fire bolt: 135 damage, passes cover
  • blue star: 160 damage, confused 5 seconds, passes cover
  • green star: 160 damage, slowed 10 seconds, passes cover
  • purple star: 160 damage, blind 5 seconds, passes cover
  • grey star: 160 damage, quiet 3 seconds, passes cover
  • blade: 240 damage, passes cover
  • gray spinner: 1 damage, quiet 20 seconds, piercing, passes cover
  • dark gray spinner: 1 damage, weak 60 seconds, piercing, passes cover


initially, oryx wanders the room, firing bullets and protected by henchmen and other spawned enemies. oryx can be pushed by players (he will back away from you if you get too close).

at 22,500 HP Oryx will taunt, "can't... keep... henchmen... alive... anymore. AUGHHHH!!". All of oryx's minions will despawn, and no more will be spawned. he begins firing weaken and quiet spinners around the room, then oryx will begin chasing players.



- If you are attempting to circle oryx watch out for the blue stars as they inflict confuse

- DO NOT count on knights for chain stuns. If you sit on them and there is a gap in stun timing...


- When Oryx says "Can’t… keep… henchmen… alive… anymore! ARGHHH!!!" and all minions around him die and there is a short gap for you to GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE as Oryx will lose all status effects shortly after, likely instantly killing everyone around him.

Oryx the Mad God 1

Oryx the Mad God 2

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