Each class has their own strategy. However, for overall tips, try to keep distance during most phases, unless it is the starting phase, in which everyone should just rush to the center and do as much damage as possible, which is how he will die under most circumstances due to the over sized population per realm.

Primary Classes (Wizard - Knight)

Wizard should stay at most 3 tiles of maximum hitting range of their staves. When using spells, try to aim directly on Oryx to cause the highest possible damage. Never stay too close to Oryx, since they can can die easily. Use Tier 3 - 5 spells to get the best effect. [Do not use Staff of Extreme Prejudice here unless you are willing to take the risk. Staff of Esben is not recommended either, as the very wide spread makes it inaccurate.]

Priest should conserve his mana for when someone needs health (including the Priest) and stay as far away from Oryx as possible, since their tiered wands have 9 Range. [If you have Crystal Wand or Conducting Wand, then try to get a decent distance to deal damage. Since Crystal Wand pierces armor, this could get you significantly more damage than even Recompense, with a little bit of danger added in. Do not use Wand of Bulwark.]

Archer should only get near Oryx if he is using a Three Shot Bow (Golden Bow, Verdant Bow, Bow of Fey Magic, Bow of Innocent Blood, and Bow of Covert Havens). Use quivers wisely, and save most of your mana to use when he is in his Rage phase to keep him from killing you or your fellow adventurers. [If using Coral Bow, then keep a good distance, but not enough to where you miss. If using Doom Bow, then there is nothing to worry about except keeping him from raging on you. If using Leaf Bow, do the same thing you would do with Coral Bow.]

Rogue, even though able to cloak, should still be cautious, as he can see other adventurers that are behind you and manage to hit you, sometimes rendering your cloak useless. Always keep a clean 3 range distance between you and Oryx, so even if he does shoot, with enough of a reaction time, you should be able to dodge. Use Cloaks to get away or find a spot to hit him from, away from most adventurers. [Spirit Dagger and Dirk of Cronus are usable in the same way. Use Cloak of the Planewalker to get in/out efficiently, and do not use it as your main cloak.]

Warrior should always keep himself under the Berserk effect, and make sure to boost allies too, as they make the fight a lot easier. If out of mana, try not to go very far in, and use your helmet to escape Oryx during his Rage phase if you feel you will die or be forced to nexus. [It is recommended to use any of the ranged swords, which are Ancient Stone Sword, Crystal Sword, and/or Pixie Sword. Pixie Sword, however, is a risky use. Do not use Demon Blade unless you are willing to take the risk. It is recommended not to use Pirate King's Cutlass here, as he has a very high defense. Use Helm of the Juggernaut if possible, but always keep an eye on when your Armored is gone.]

Knight is a tank, so you can be a bit more loose when playing, but as usual, keep an eye on your health. Always use your Shield to stun Oryx, as this causes the fight to be much easier. However, do not spam your shield, instead wait until the 2.7 second mark of Stunned to chain the stun more efficiently. [For Ancient Stone Sword, Crystal Sword, Pixie Sword, and Demon Blade, all are optional, but it is recommended to use Sword of Acclaim. It is recommended not to use Pirate King's Cutlass here, as he has very high defense. Only use Shield of Ogmur if there is another Knight in the same Oryx as you.]

Secondary Classes (Everyone Else, no particular order)

Mystic should always pay attention to where she is stepping, which applies to the same rules as Wizard, except you should use your Orbs to cause Cursed on Oryx and to Stasis all of the minions and/or elements that he spawns. Keep a good distance from Oryx, since they can die easily. [Do not use Staff of Extreme Prejudice unless you are willing to take the risk. Staff of Esben is not recommended either, as the very high spread makes it very inaccurate. Orb of Conflict should be used carefully, and only if there are a decent group of enemies, so you can use it like a regular orb and reap the benefits.]

Assassin should rely on both his dagger and his poison. Using a Dagger of Foul Malevolence and Baneserpent Poison will get you a guaranteed loot drop, unless you are very unlucky. However, this class does not have the same factor as Rogue, so distance is recommended. [Dirk of Cronus and Spirit Dagger apply the same way as regular daggers. Plague Poison should be used for large crowds to clear them out.]

Sorcerer should make use of his Scepter to deal high damage to the minions and Oryx himself. Wands also play a great roll, since they provide most of the damage needed. It is safe to keep a distance away from Oryx, as the wands have 9 range. [Crystal Wand and Conducting Wand are recommended as much as tiered wands, both with their given effects. Do not use Wand of Bulwark. Scepter of Fulmination is highly recommended over tiered scepters, with more damage than a Tier 4 Scepter with the MP Cost of a Tier 1 Scepter, and the Slowed effect, making it much more efficient.]Necromancer should only use his skulls to get large amounts of health to himself and his allies from large groups. However, do not use it too frequently, as the ability causes large portions of server lag, which could mean death. The rule about distance still applies here. [Do not use Staff of Extreme Prejudice unless you are willing to take the risk. Staff of Esben is not recommended either, as the very high spread makes it very inaccurate. Cracked Crystal Skull is good for low-health crowds, since it only does 80 HP steal but 4.25 Range. Skull of Esben is beneficial if there is no Archer in the group, causing slow to Oryx and his minions. Skull of Endless Torment should be focused on Oryx himself, as it does the highest overall damage, but the lowest range.]

Paladin should always try to come with maximum Wisdom and a Tier 5 Seal to provide the biggest boost. Always make sure to keep mana high, and always make sure to keep moderate distance, even with higher defense than Warrior, as they are not granted a defense bonus on their abilities. [Ancient Stone Sword and Crystal Sword work here very well for keeping distance. Do not use Demon Blade of Pixie Sword unless you are willing to take the risk. Seal of Blasphemous Prayer is not very recommended unless intending to immediately use it, as the -4 Defense will throw you off and it could mean life or death.]

Trickster should focus more on dealing damage rather than distracting Oryx, as they have a maximum Attack stat of 75, which deals the highest DPS of any dagger class. Only use Prisms for teleporting in or out of Oryx's view, particularly into his Dance phase, since she is able to go in and out of the circle just before Oryx fires his debuff shots. [Spirit Dagger and Dirk of Cronus are more recommended than a regular dagger, since they deal a higher overall damage. Prism of Dancing Swords can be used for distracting Oryx, and since they give you +4 Attack, it is recommended to wear it unless you are trying to teleport.]

Huntress is very similar to the Archer, except that she should use her traps to lure Oryx in on his Rage phase to give him the Slowed effect, or to use on his minions in the same general way. [All untiered notes for bows are the same. Coral Trap is more recommended than tiered Traps, since they only provide Slowed rather than Paralyzed.]

Ninja is the most peculiar class for Oryx. Due to the fact he has very strange stats (including Attack and Dexterity), it is recommended that you always use Ninja Stars to deal heavy damage. Use them while holding down the key to get to Oryx as fast as possible, and to run away. Never stay too close to him either. [Ray Katana is not recommended to use here. Useless Katana speaks for itself. Doku No Ken is definitely a must-have at Oryx, since it has a higher range and higher rate of fire than Masamune, dealing more overall damage. Midnight Star should only be used to Paralyze Oryx during his Rage phase.]

I truly hope that this will help all of you that are somewhat new to the game. Best of luck out there, and may the drop rates be with you! -JohnMH

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