In realm of the mad god people use slang words this is a list of slang

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 *Rotmg (more uncommonly known: Rog/Romg)- Realm Of The Mad God, 


 *Cleg- chicken leg of doom
 *USA - America ring
 *Duck staff- antis staff
 *Oreo - seal of blasphemous prayer
 *Cookie/gcookie - seal of the blessed champion
 *Zseal- seal of the holy warrior
 *Emmy - emerald shard dagger
 *Rage - ragetalon dagger
 *Agate - agateclaw dagger
 *Foul- dagger of foul malevolence
 *Ep - staff of extreme prejudice
 *Cstaff- crystal serpent staff
 *Dia - staff of diabolical secrets
 *Neocro - staff of necrotic arcana
 *Astral - staff of astral knowledge
 *Pot- potion
 *Ichi- ichimonji
 *Gsorc- Robe of the Grand Sorcerer
 *Elder- Robe of the Elder Warlock
 *CC armour- Candy Coated Armour
 *Nile- Ring of Nile
 *Pyra/Pyramid- Ring of Pyramid
 *Bulwark- Wand of Bulwark
 *Jugger- Helm of Juggernaut


 *Trench- Ocean Trench
 *Tomb- Tomb of the ancients
 *Lab- Mad Lab
 *Cave (very rare)- Pirate Cave
 *Cemetary- Haunted Cemetary
 *Candyland- Candly Land hunting grounds
 *Abyss- Abyss of Demons


 *Sphinx- Grand Sphinx
 *Hermit- Hermit God
 *Horseman- Headless horseman
 *Lost Lands/Lord of the lost loot- Lord of the Lost Lands
 *Sarc- Sarcophagus
 *Oryx- Oryx the Mad God
 *Brutes- Brutes of Oryx/Abyss Brutes

There are many more. If there is one that isn't here please add them.

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