Once 30 ideas are reached STOP POSTING on this page until we can clear up the bad ideas for new ideas. Once 30 good ideas are reached, I will move the number up. Only realistic ideas will stay. (I.E. ideas like: Everyone should get a bajillion gold will get deleted) Please do not mess with other peoples ideas.

If you have any ideas for Realm of the Mad God, write them here:

1. Robe of the Tlatoani should give defense.

2. There should be more pet abilities.

3. There has to be a daily login bonus.

4. Pheonix Hide should be a Very Rare Drop from Pheonix Reborn who will be buffed into a stronger boss. Pheonix hide provides the holder with 12 Defense, 5 Vitality, 1 Speed and 3 Attack It also allows the user to resurrect at the cost of the armor slot and the ring slot items being destroyed. -Wellobello

5. There Should Be A Class Called Battlemage that wields a Staff and has Heavy Armor his ability is a spell that creates a breakable wall that you usually find in caves, the wall has some of your health to protect you it also guards status at higher tiers. Battlemage has two great stats, Health and Magic everything else is still pretty good except speed and dexterity which low dex is terrible for a staff character but he has only 30 MAX which makes it less powerful. -Wellobello

6. Report Button - Wellobello

7. Stat that raises Status Resistance like Quiet and makes you slightly immune -Wellobello

8. Being able to purchase Items with Fame again - MrBlue1213

9.  Make UT's Tradable Once A Week - Wellobell

10. Using a certain weapon more can make you more adept with that weapon - drew9090

11.we should make a new class called "Rebel of Oryx. here's the stats:


att: 75


vit: 20

wis: 50

spd: 50

max hp: 785

max mp: 290

- this class would have a katana and a new armor Called "magic armor" Now this may seem a bit OP. But itss not. This class needs this armor would be very good because it has somthingg specall: instead of giving you a def or mana or dex boost, it gives you extra range!

here are my ideas for each armor names and stats:

1) +3 def:armor of magic

2) +4 def :armor of darkness

3) +5 def :armor of the great battle

4) +2 def +.5: range :armor of range

5)+4 def +.5 :range armorr of the commander

6) +6 def + .5 range: armor of the dead

7) +8 def + .75 range: armor of brute

8)+ 8 def + 1 range: armor of horror

9) + 9 def + 1 range: armor of tragedy

10) + 11 def + 1.33 range: armor of the storm

11) +12 def + 1.33 range: armor of the wind

12) +15 def + 1.5:armor of the legend

13) + 15 def +1.5 range + 6 speed: armor of rage

14) + 15 def + 2 range: armor of light

UT. 1) -1 def + 6 speed + 2.5 range: armor of the ancient (will drop from Ent ancient (rarely)

UT. 2) + 20 def - 4 speed + 2 range armor of the gods

- his ability is to call many small minions that have low attack and low def to help you

you will collect the exp from what your troops kill (it will be called the amulet (like the old item)

12. there should be able to buy something in the nexus that will let you see the entire map and another item that lets you see every enemy on the map until you die (5000 fame for whole map seeing and 6000 fame for all enemies) then they should add one more that will allow you to travel anywhere on the map that I want that has no effect in dungeons so no teleporting to the boss right away (1000 fame each and tradeable)

[DWAD HERE] SORRY FOR CAPS BUT, DID YOU JUST TAKE SOME IDEAS FROM WILDSHADOW'S NON-RELEASED ITEM CACHE IN THE ROTMG'S DRAW SYSTEM? Please do not do that, i recognise a lot of the items that you posted down there | \/


14. If you use insane gold, you should be able to undrink potions.]

15. Make it so wands can't pierce anymore. Crystal wand doesn't have much use anymore

16. Other ways to get Fame. I don't want to lose my best character just to fuse

17. Buff Oryx 1 (and 2 if they really feel like it) as to compensate for pets breaking the game's entire balance (Remember when Oryx was actually HARD to defeat before pets?). Maybe at least double his HP, or make the castle actually intimidating and force players to work together instead of making it a rush fest. I understand people like simplicity, but having the final boss (O2 I mean) be solo'd with almost no problems in a Co-Op based game is too much. -ZathusTheMageV

18. In combination to 17, make Oryx harder to get too, but increase the value of stuff he drops. Hell, if they make him as strong as I say he should be, at least make him drop a Life even at an uncommon rate (like a Def in a Sprite World rarity). Have there be a Dungeon based system coinciding with the Quest and Setpiece boss system, or set mini bosses that spawn after certain things occur in the realm, and after all of them are defeated Oryx brings you too his castle. Like, once all Setpiece/Quest bosses (Ents, Liches, etc.) are defeated, some other layer of difficulty happens, then once that is conquered, maybe there's a final challenge you have to overcome.

I don't know how it would exactly work, but overall across points 17 and 18, Oryx needs to be an ACTUAL intimidating foe to fight, and should require a united force of players to even challenge. Oryx should be something hard to reach and defeat. Oryx is just farming fodder now as many other bosses have become. Make him the special universal villain he was supposed to be, once again! Oryx is no longer suspenseful, difficult, and special. Give players a real challenge, and I don't mean Kabam's stupid 'Make everything do more damage and give them massive shotguns that make melees useless' (Looking at you LoD), I mean create UNIQUE PHASES that will pretty much force players to work as one to overcome them. Oryx 2 is no different. I don't know if it was lazy or brilliant to remove phases from O2... give him something exotic too. More then just a single shotgun of death, some shockwaves, and a couple minions. -ZathusTheMageV

19. New UT Spell: Spell of the Djinn's Fury. Instead of firing to your cursor, then exploding in a barrage of bullets, it is centered around you. The bullets fire in the pattern of a Djinn's bullets. Each one does about 60-110 damage. Inflicts Paralyze to YOU for 0.3 seconds upon use, but also Armored for that split second as well. Cost would be around the Elemental Detonation (T6), seeing as it is only really effective in some situations, and would pretty much be an EP when it comes to chest, just way better. The drawback to using it on chests is though, if you are barely off of it to where some of the bullets miss, you can't immediately reposition yourself and go at it again, so I'd say its pretty excellently balanced seeing as it could achieve soulbound with 1 go if done right. I don't know what'd drop it. Maybe the Lucky Djinn at about the rate of a Crystal Prisoner dropping a Csword. Not too rare, but still a nice find and has its uses. -ZathusTheMageV

20. I would like to add a new class called the Dragoon. He would use spears, handwraps, and heavy armor. The spears would probably be midrange, and the handwraps would temporarily increase attack rate and range when used. Here is a picture I made. (in the pink background) Shown in the image,

The main sprite, (far left)

Rusty Spear, (T0, upper middle. 65-95 attack. Definition: An old spear. Probably more useful as a cane.)

the Ring from the tutorial, (doesn't need to be made, bottom middle)

Dragoon's Vestaments, (UT, handed out once to everyone either on the day the Dragoon is implemented, or the aniversary of ROTMG, upper right. +24 defense, +5 dexterity, +5 speed. Definition: A Dragoon's main uniform, made from steel and enchanted with enhancing magic)

Old Handwraps, (T0, bottom right. 40 mana cost. +1 dex. Definition: Old handwraps, probably made from rat hide and rotten cloth) -TexJohnson11

21. Spears

T1: Old Branch (70-115 attack)

T2: Blue Steel Spear (75-120 attack)

T3: Steel Pike (100-120 attack, sends one projectile straight midrange, and one short ranged to the left and right)

T4: Silver Halberd (120-150 attack, Hits multiple enemies, and shoots two side-by-side projectiles straight)

T5: Flaming Glaive (100-180 attack, shoots orange fire projectile)

T6: Jade Naginata (120-190 attack, hits multiple enemies, shoots spinning green star shaped projectile)

T7: Gilded Halberd (80-230 attack, Hits multiple enemies, and shoots two side-by-side projectiles straight))

T8: Ancient Trident (180-220 attack, hits multiple enemies, and shoots three side-by-side projectiles)

T9: Spear of Storms (200-220 attack, shoots lightning shaped projectile)

T10: Shadow Spear (10-240 attack, shoots dark purple projectile, that hits multiple enemies.)

T11: Holy Rod

T12: Firegem Lance

UT: Dragoon's Deathpike


22. Handwraps

T1: Dirty Wraps

T2: Silver Handwraps

T3: Spidersilk Handwraps

T4: Ethereal Handwraps

T5: Golden Gauntlets

T6: Drakehide Handwraps

UT: Dragoon's Vambraces


Screenshot 2016-11-03 at 12.17.53 PM

22. Add houses for you to spawn in, instead of the Nexus. All your chests, pets, and the wardrobe would already be in there, and it would be awesome if there was a door in the house that connected to your guild (if you have one).

23. Move all the items in the Nexus into one area so the whole Nexus isn't cluttered with a million items in every spot.

24. Instead of monsters dropping items, it would be cool if killing/assisting in killing a monster would give everybody some in-game currency, so people can buy what they actually want, instead of being left with no items because everybody else took them.

25. Make chat tabs. One tab would hold the guild chat, one would hold the normal chat, and and the others would be chats with your friends. If you click on the tab, the chat and all its history would be in there.

26. Make a room for people to trade, instead of having twenty people spamming really long messages in the nexus and making people lag.

27. Make the chat box smaller so people can see the game.

28. Let people mute specific people who are spamming.

29. Add a chest in the guilds for people to put loot in for other guild members to take. It would have more space in it after a guild upgrade.

30. Instead of buying more chests, have only one chest, but let it be upgraded to hold more space. This will take up less space.