MegaRototo is a boss that players can fight in the Candyland Hunting Grounds. It spawns after a certain number of Rototos have been killed.
Hp Def Exp
13000 40


  • Counts to God Kills 
  • Quest Boss


Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Purple Rototo Blast
160 4 6.4
Red Rototo Blast
140 6 7.2
Flame Breath
100 5 9
Flame Breath (1)
100 5.5 9.9


MegaRototo sits stationary while shooting flame breath “Spicy” bullets. After a few seconds, it moves toward the closest player while firing its Rototo Blasts. It then goes back to shooting flame breath bullets while stationary. Rototos will circle MegaRototo and chase players while firing bullets.




Loot Bag
  • Tier 6 Weapon
Loot Bag 3 - pbag
  • Tier 7 Weapon
  • Tier 7 Armor
  • Tier 8 Armor
  • Tier 3 Ability
  • Tier 4 Ability
  • Tier 3 Ring
  • Tier 4 Ring
  • Peppermint Snail Egg
Loot Bag 5 cyan
Loot Bag 7

Tips and Strategies

Be careful of his “flame breath”, as getting caught in it for even a second can significantly reduce your health. Also, keep in mind that the Rototos and the Tiny Rototos can dish out a good amount of damage, and they will gladly taking hits for the MegaRototo. Do get your soulbound in, circle him, or if you have a piercing weapon, just stand back and dodge bullets. make sure never to stand on Megarototo because in one of his phases, he shoots out 8 shots dealing a total of 1200 damage which is enough to instantly kill any class, even at full hp. 

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