The Mad Lab is a science-themed dungeon that was added in Build 123.5.0. The lab contains green pools which inflict the status conditions stunned and speedy. It also has a "Hexed" effect which turns you into an animal/pet of the realm (eg; Oryx, Skunk or Gummy Bear). To get rid of this effect you must walk into a blue pool, use holy water or be healed by a purification tome. If you are healed by holy water or the tome, you retain speedy until you step in a blue pool. This dungeon is the source of the UT Sorcerer Set, which includes a wand, a scepter, a robe, and a ring.

Note that this dungeon does not have to be completed to earn the 'Tunnel Rat' Fame Bonus.


screenshot of a mad lab


Confuse Room

Confuse Room

The Confuse room is located somewhere throughout the dungeon. If you come across the confuse room, you are likely to be going the right way to the boss.

Mad Lab Layout


In order to fight the Horrific Creation, you need to destroy all the white Tesla Coils in the dungeon. (examples are on the picture of the screenshot from the Mad Lab.) Once all the Tesla Coils are destroyed the Horrific Creation's room will open up at the end of the boss room.


Drops of Interest

Mad Lab Set

The Mad Lab Set for Sorcerer

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