Regular bag
Regular Loot Bag

 - Looks like a brown potato sack. This bag contains any loot dropped by players or consumable items dropped by monsters. T0 equipment also appears in a brown bag. Brown bags have the lowest priority over any loot bag in the game. NOTE: Consumable Items that drop in public bags will NOT appear with your loot in any other bag. they are dropped separately in a public bag i.e., Ghost Pirate Rum that drops after a Ghost Ship is killed.

Pink Loot Bag

- the pink loot bag, added in the Easter update 2014, contains the low-tier loot. T1-6 Weapon and armor, T1 ring, and T1-2 ability drops in this bag. the only bag the pink bag takes priority over is the brown bag (in the case that the brown bag drops HP and MP pots).

Purple bag
Purple Loot Bag

 - Colored dark purple and often holds mid-tier loot. If you drop a non-trade-able item, such as an Ambrosia or a Tincture, then it will appear within this bag. gear T7-9 Weapon and armor, T2-4 ring, and T3-4 ability drop in this bag. Only you can see this bag and its contents (soulbound). Like any bag, if you leave it on the ground for too long, it will disappear along with its contents! the purple loot bag takes priority over the pink bag.

High bag
High-tier Loot Bag

 - It is a cyan bag that sits upright and is sometimes dropped by gods and event bosses. This bag contains the highest tiered items in the game. T5-6 ring and ability, T10-12 Weapon, and T10-13 Armor drop in the cyan bag.. Again, it is another soulbound bag and takes priority over pink and purple bags.

(insert Picture here) Egg Basket

- the egg basket contains-you guessed it-eggs. all Pet eggs appear in egg baskets, and similarly to the brown bag, it drops separately from other bags; eggs do not appear in any other color bag (excluding red). egg baskets do not take priority over any other loot bags and no loot bags (excluding red) take priority over it.

Loot Bag 4
Blue Potion Bag

 - This bag is dark blue and looks full. Sometimes dropped by gods, this is a pleasant sight to see when you kill an enemy. Different gods drop different kinds of pots. Like all bags other than the brown one, this bag is soulbound (i.e., only you can see it). This bag also takes priority over all other bags except the Untiered and Boosted Loot Bags, which means that sometimes other soulbound items may be dropped along with the potion inside, such as Desolation Armor. Also, Tinctures and Effusions are dropped in these bags.

Untier bag
Untiered Loot Bag

 - White and beautiful, these contain some of the rarest items in the game. At least one has a chance of dropping from each dungeon boss (and some treasure rooms), excluding Dreadstump the Pirate King, Arachna the Spider Queen, Mixcoatl Th​e Masked God and the Masked Party God. All of the items in this bag have some of the lowest chances of dropping. The Untiered Loot Bag has priority over all other types of loot bags, except the Boosted Loot Bag.

Boosted bag
Boosted Loot Bag

 - This bag can only be found while under the effects of a Loot Tier Potion, Loot Drop Potion, or items of similar effects. It will take priority over all other bags, from Regular Loot Bags to Untiered Loot Bags, as long as the effects of the Loot Potions boost the contents that would have been within the normal dropped bag. NOTE: boosted loot bags do NOT contain loot with a higher max tier than normally, they only increase the chance of getting the maximum normal tier dropped by that monster.

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