Limoz the Veridian Dragon is the normal mode version of one of the five bosses of the Lair of Draconis

Hp Def Exp
110000 60


  • Counts towards God Kills
  • Immune to Stasis
  • Level 1 Quest Boss


Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Dragon Attack Green Ball
135  3 9 Passes Cover
120 Sick for 5s 4.5 11.25
Dragon Attack Green Spine
75 10 11.25
Dragon Attack Blue Fireball
75 Weak for 8s 7.5 11.25
50 Armor Broken for 3s 5.5 11


Awakening Phase


My own hide is but one of my defenses!  Taste my wrath!

Upon being awakened, Limoz quickly spawns eight Abundant Shields which will then start to circle around Limoz. He will then start shooting twelve large green ball attacks outward at all directions in a pattern that resembles a blast from a wizard spell, and will also shoot out six sickening bullets and two green line shaped bullets at the nearest player. Limoz will then say his second taunt and will start to fire out ten “Dragon Attack Blue Fireballs” in the same pattern as the green ball attack and two armor breaking shots outward in four directions. (Limoz remains stationary throughout this whole phase.)

He will transition to the next phase after his health has reached below 100,000 HP, (meaning that 10,000 damage must be dealt by players to have him go into the next phase.)

Battle Phase


Tiny mortal, my shields will give me life!

Limoz will continue to remain stationary and shoot out the same attacks as the first phase, but will now spawn five Veridian Hatchlings and allow the Abundant Shields to gradually heal him.

Only until his health has been lowered to a certain point will he transition to the next phase.

Chase Phase

The same attacks from the first and second phase will continue, but now Limoz will no longer remain stationary and now chases the closest player and the eight Abundant Shields disappear.

Power Phase

Limoz will flash white and retreat back into the middle of the room after chasing and begin to remain stationary once again. This phase is almost identical to the first one, the only difference being that Limoz will shoot out more of the same projectiles and the large green ball attacks will now be shot in a wide counterclockwise spiral.

Fatigued Phase


Flee my servants, I can no longer protect you as you have protected me…

Limoz’s final phase before defeat will be another chase phase. (Identical to the previous chase phase.)

When his health has finally been lowered to 2500 HP, Limoz will return to the middle while flashing white and spawn the treasure chest which will drop the loot.




Purple Bag 22
  • Tier 4 Ability
  • Large Green Dragon Scale Cloth
  • Small Green Dragon Scale Cloth
Egg Basket 22
Cyan Bag 22
  • Tier 5 Ability
  • Tier 10 Weapon
  • Tier 11 Weapon
  • Tier 12 Weapon
  • Tier 11 Armor
  • Tier 12 Armor
  • Tier 13 Armor
  • Wine Cellar Incantation
Blue Bag 22
  • Tier 2 Potion
White Bag 22

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