Limon is the boss of the sprite world, which drops from Sprite Children.

The sprite world is the first dungeon that drops from godlands that a player should do (if player wants to max with pots)

Limon the Sprite God



  1. A long ranged class is required for this. Mid tier equipment (T7+ Weapon, T3+ spell, T8+ robe or leather armor, T3+ ring of Health/Defense) is also recommended. First, just run through the sprite world. Yes, you will get hit by all the little sprites, but the damage done, as long as you don't dawdle, is minimal. However, beware of the Native Sprite Gods- just like the Sprite God (the purple guy that fires purple bullets at you), it is quite dangerous. However, there is also minimal room to maneuver, so be careful!
  2. You've made it to the boss room. First, run up to Limon to trigger her, then run back (If you're too slow, Limon will chase you all over the place) to the edge of the boss room (FYI: You cannot fall over the edge of any room). Limon will fire a circular blast of fire. After she has fired 7 of these, she will go into the turret phase.
  3. This is your chance! Limon will spawn 8 turrets that will create 2 squares with their fire, with one inside the other. Get between the squares, close enough to shoot Limon, but far away enough so that she doesn't fire at you (Limon stays at the center of the small box during this phase). Then, stay there and keep on plugging away until Limon is dead/ends the phase. If she is dead, triumphantly pick up your loot. If not, then back away as fast as possible.
  4. Repeat until Limon has died.

 Too hard for you to understand, still? No problem! Watch this video tutorial here on Youtube:


  • Using the Cloak of the Planewalker is useful because you can teleport to the boss room faster.
  • The edges wont make you fall off the map nor damage you, so if you are a ranged class you can shoot enemies in other rooms.

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