Cheater Robe/Cheater Light Armour/Cheater Heavy Armour
Name Current Price Current Availability

Minor hp/mp Potion

~ Very unlikely to be sold due to the fact that you cannot find any more of it. The potions were destroyed by Kabam to so that the new hp/mp stacking would be possible.

Anatis Staff

(unsellable because of soul-bounding) Estimate: 1-2 life There are many of these still in existence. They can be obtained through Oryx's chamber on Easter when Oryx is replaced by a Giant Chicken. Even though it has much higher damage than the cosmic whole it is not widely used because of the slow attack speed.

Chicken Leg of Doom

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 2.5-4 life The Chicken Leg of Doom is a widely used novelty item. Like the Anatis Staff it is also a Easter Novelty item. Can sell for an extremely high price.

USA ring

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 1-2 life A ring that is only obtainable through trading. It cannot be looted from enemies. The stats are almost exactly like an amulet of zombification.

Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 1-2 defence These rings are extremely unpopular. They were mass duplicated and there may still be many of them out there. But these Medals may become extremely rare as many of them will be fed to pets.

Amulet of Zombification

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 2-4 def Like the Medals, the Amulet of Zombification is also extremely unliked. What used to be the glorious Amulet of Resurrection has been turned into its opposite. There are not many left in the game.
(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 2 defence-1 life These used to be unreleased items that was accidentally put into production. But now it has been turned into "Cheater Armours". It is extremely popular due to the fact that it minuses your stats instead of adding to them. It is an accidental novelty item.


(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 3-4 life (unknown)

Spicy Wand of Spice

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 2.5-3 life (unknown)


(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 3-4 life (unknown)

Arbiters Wrath

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 3.5-5 life (unknown)

Sunshine Shiv

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 2.5-3 life (unknown)

Doctor Swordsworth

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 2.5-3.5 life (unknown)

Useless Katana

(unsellable due to soul-bounding) Estimate: 1-2 life Another unreleased item put into production. It used to be the Celestial Blade but was changed into the Useless Katana. It is a accidental novelty item.

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