Jumal x10 Lavis or Lavis for short is one of the few legends in the Finnish rap music industry. His memes are extremely spicy and only 10 people have survived actually listening to his fire tracks. Lavis' greatest songs include songs such as "Hitler" "Jeesus" "Kullikellot" and "Texas Sex Ranger". Lavis dislikes anyone who doesn't smoke the kush and often disses them with pure fire. Lavis can be found after completing the forest maze 11 times without taking any damage. All his attacks are fire-based just like his sick tracks. The best way to kill Lavis is to stand far back and return to the nexus as he is nearly invulnerable to any attacks. Lavis also destroys one random item in any slot in any inventory every 10 seconds as long as he is summoned somewhere in the server. a common strategy for surviving his wrath is writing the lyrics to his hit song "junnujoukkueen valmentaja" in the chat. However no one has ever done this since actually reading the lyrics gives you a lethal brain tumor. Lavis' health has been estimated to be infinite since he seems to be unable to take any damage, apart from memes as dank as his sick rhymes, a feat that to this day no one has achieved. Legend says that Lavis can be taken down by summoning Kauppis Pete in the same realm. but since you can't do the mehtä_homma and complete the forest maze without taking damage you might as well kill yourself amirite?

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