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Jon Bilgewater

Jon Bilgewater is the boss of the Deadwater Docks, dropped by the Crystal Prisoner.

Jon's portal is found in a treasure room. Don't enter late because it may result in either instant death or fatal amounts of damage.


  • 1st: You can hit him for a short amount of time.
  • 2nd: He makes a parrot wall where you have to kill a lot of parrots.
  • 3rd: Identical to the 1st.
  • 4th: He shoots out powerful cannons in every direction
  • then you can rush him (help me with theses stages because im not completely sure)


  • Tier 11-12 armor and weapon
  • Tier 5-6 abilities
  • Tier 4-5 ring
  • Pirate Cutlass
  • Speed potion
  • Dexterity potion

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