Headless Horseman

Headless Horseman

  Headless Horsemen are Realm Gods that are moderately difficult to kill. The best way to defeat this boss is to simply avoid being hit by its attacks. The Headless Horseman is an uncommon encounter in the Godlands, serving as a mini-boss of sorts. 


  • HP: 10,000
  • Defense: 20
  • XP: 700


He begins by riding around in a fast circle while attacking. Once he receives enough damage, he will flash and remain still while attacking. He is invulnerable while flashing. After Attacking him once he begins to charge at the nearest player.

  • Primarily attackes with a 3 shot pumpkin bolt that deals 110 damage
  • Uses a Orange shot against close-range players (more accurate) that deals 80 damage
  • After transition into phase 2 it blasts 8 purple bolts that deal 65 damage in a circle around it
  • Transitions between phase 1 and 2 constantly


  • ===Portal to the Haunted Cemetery (This is 90to99% of the time)​===
  • ===700XP.===

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