Haunted Cemetery

The Haunted Cemetery is a mid level dungeon, it is dropped from the Headless Horseman.  This dungeon features four, single-room levels named: Haunted Cemetery, Haunted Cemetery Gates, Haunted Cemetery Graves, and Haunted Cemetery Final Battle. The Ghost of Skuld appears in each level to announce the start of each wave of enemy attack.  To complete the dungeon you need to do the following:  - Defeat each individual stage portal. 

Stage One Layout

Stage one - Haunted Cemetery

Stage One Dungeon Boss - Troll Matriarch

  • Stats;

HP: 10000  DEF: 20  EXP: 1000 

  • Attacks;

Purple Ooz  - Damage = 75, Projectile tiles per second = 6, Tile range = 9, Special ability = none.  Nature Wave  - Damage = 80, Projectile tiles per second = 6, Tile range = 6, Special ability = piercing, Weak(2s). 

  • Spawns;

- Deadly Mushroom  - Reanimated Remains 

  • Drops

Tier 6-9 Weapon  Tier 6-9 Armor  Tier 3-5 Ability  Tier 3-4 Ring  Potion of SpeedPotion of Speed  Potion of WisdomPotion of Wisdom  Cursed Amulet of ZombificationCursed Amulet of Zombification  Wine Cellar IncantationWine Cellar Incantation 

Stage one minions

-Reanimated Remains 

HP: 1000  DEF: 20  EXP: 100 

-Forest Troll 

HP: 5000  DEF: 50  EXP: 500 

-Troll Pathfinder 

HP: 3000  DEF: 20  EXP: 300 

Tips and Terminology

  • Does not count towards tunnel rat.
  • Each room has 5 stages. 4 stages of enemies, and the fifth stage is the boss. You will commonly see people saying "1/5", "2/5", "3/5", "4/5" and "boss" to keep track of each stage, so that when the boss comes around, everyone is ready to take it out quick

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