The great coil snake is a mid level treasure chest boss.

Great Coil Snake
Great Coil Snake

Shoots Green Bullets, that do around 55 Damage w/o Armor Effects.

Summons Coil Snake Eggs and Coil Snakes.


Great Temple Snakes

Great Temple Snake

They spawn in eggs, but also can spawn out of the eggs. Shoot a short-range Green projectile, but only does around 20 damage.

Great Temple Snake Egg 

Great Snake Egg

Spawns Coil Snakes. If you don't kill it quick, or it will spawn 2-4 Great Temple Snakes.


Forbidden Jungle Portal

Soulbound (15%)

Normal Bag (85%)

In the chest:

Health Potion

Magic Potion

Tier 1-2 rings

Armor/Weapons Tiers 3-5

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