This boss is multistaged. E.g. it will change attack pattern                                                                                   

Grand Sphinx

  • The Grand Sphinx's Minions do 50 - 70 damage
  • The Grand Sphinx has 65,000 Health.
  • The Grand Sphinx does Y 70 - 110 | R 100 - 150 | G 0 - 0
  • She has 25 defense.
  • The Grand Sphinx attacks all around. Like the Wizards Secondary, but not as fast.
  • As a note of information, the Grand Sphinx is a angel male Minotaur
  • Tip: If you deal the most damage, you have a 100% Chance of a blue bag with a pot inside.

Grand Sphinx in its natural habbitat.


  • Defence, dexterity, vitality, speed, wisdom, attack pots. 30%
  • The portal Tomb of the ancient. 75%
  • Effusion of Attack and Dexterity 10%

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