A relatively low-level dungeon that is dropped by the Great Coil Snake, it is not much harder than a Forest Maze dungeon and a little easier than a Sprite World. It's boss, Mixcoatl the Masked God, is a common and reliable source of Pollen Powder, which restores your party's MP, and not particularly hard to kill if you have sufficient knowledge of this dungeon.



Mixcoatl Th​e Masked God

Mixcoatl can be found in the center of the boss room, wandering around. Attacking him will awaken him and he will start his first phase.

Drops of Interest

Mixcoatl has quite a few interesting drops. Here they are:

Note: the Necromancer set is often fed to pets instead of actually being used, for various reasons: the Staff of the Crystal Serpent is very similar to the T8 Staff of Horror, the skull is fairly useful but not sufficient if you are aiming for harder bosses, and the Crystal Bone Ring is used occasionally but is around the level of a T3 Superior ring. The robe is infamously useless, increasing your wisdom instead of defense.

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