Flying Brain is a common god found in the Godlands. It is the 2nd easiest God found in the Godlands, the easiest being Beholder.

Flying Brain

Flying Brain's abilities

The Flying Brain fires very fast pinkish-purple bullets to the left, right, up and down and does 50 damage with each bullet. 

Sometimes, when it dies it leaves a portal which has its own boss. Whenever it moves it also moves its tentacles which fire these pink bullets.

It has 1000 HP


  • It does not seem to represent a brain, but sort of intestines.
  • It fires bullets faster than the Beholder, making it "harder" than Beholder; however, Beholders do a base of 120 damage with a purple star that blinds for 5 seconds, while Flying Brains only do a base of 50 with no condition effects. The blinding shot for of the Beholder can make it difficult to avoid other very dangerous gods, such as Leviathans.


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