Fame quests are quests that require the player to obtain a certain amount of fame on 1 character at once. Once a fame quest is completed, a star is being added to the amount below the character in the classes screen and also to the number in the left-upper corner of the screen when in the nexus. When a player has reached a certain amount of stars, the star in front of their name changes color.

Fame quests:

1 star = 20 fame

2 stars = 150 fame

3 stars = 400 fame

4 stars = 800 fame

5 stars = 2000 fame

Fame stars:

light blue star = 0-13 stars

dark blue star = 14-27 stars

red star = 28-41 stars

orange star = 42-55 stars

yellow star = 56-69 stars

white star = 70 stars

For information about fame see fame

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