Ent God

"The eternal protector of the forest, it does not tolerate adventurers that crash through the forests and shoot everything that moves."

The Ent God

The Ent God spawns in the god lands and has 1000 health, making it one of the weaker gods. Doing lower damage than many other gods (50), and inflicting no status effects, it makes up for this by being a very hard enemy to dodge. The Ent God predicts your movements, so it fires where you are going, not where you are when it fires. This can be dodged by circling it at first, but changing directions right when it fires. This is very hard to master, and will take lots of practice. Good Luck!


  • A 5-bolt golden-orange spray that shoots around every 1 sec. and do 70 damage each. These shots predict where you are going, so be careful!
  • The 5-bolt spray goes through you to hit other players.


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