Color Egg Drake Base Cost Duration Effect Strength Rate of Fire
White Drake Egg
White Drake
690 Fame 60 seconds Healing 25 HP 5 seconds
Blue Drake Egg
Blue Drake
240 Fame 30 seconds Paralyze 5 seconds 1 second
Orange Drake Egg
Orange Drake
190 Fame 30 seconds Stasis 5 seconds 2 seconds
Green Drake Egg
Green Drake
190 Fame 30 seconds Slow 10 seconds 3 seconds
Yellow Drake Egg
Yellow Drake
190 Fame 30 seconds Bleeding 300* 1 second
Purple Drake Egg
Purple Drake
190 Fame 30 seconds Damage 35 3 seconds
  • Damage over Time (DoT): 10 seconds

    The purple drake egg was added in build 104 as an Easter Egg. Using the egg (You don't eat it, jerks!) reveals a drake hatchling that is immediately ready to fight by your side.

The purple, orange, and yellow drake eggs can dropped by all Lesser Gods, the minions liches spawn when buffed and ghost king archers.

The green and blue can also be dropped by buffed ghost king archers and the creatures that heal Lich, but with a very slim chance.

The purple egg can be dropped by the blue and brown titans in the Undead Lair.

White drakes can be dropped by Adult White Dragons at a low rate as well.

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