Dr Terrible

Dr Terrible

Found in the Mad Lab dungeon. 


HP: 55000 

DEF: 25 

EXP: 3850 


Attack Phase:  Dr. Terrible will wander around, occasionally throwing Green Potions, Attack Turrets, or both. There are four Red Gas Spawners in the room that may also shoot waves of slow moving bullets during this phase. Each of these four Red Gas Spawners will not always fire. During this phase, Dr. Terrible can be damaged.

Retreat Phase: 

Dr. Terrible will retreat to the bubble in the center of the room. While he is in the bubble he is invulnerable and he summons Escaped Experiments, Mini Bots, and Rampage Cyborgs from the cages on the east and west sides of the room. The Red Gas Spawners will turn off during this phase.

“Rage” Phase: 

When Dr. Terrible gets low on health’s he will go into a rage phase. At this point, all the Red Gas Spawners will deactivate. Dr. Terrible will begin throwing potions much faster, usually two at a time. This phase is basically just the attack phase without the Red Gas Spawners activated.


Potion of Defence

Mad Lab Set

The Mad Lab Set for Sorcerer

Potion of Wisdom

The Mad Lab Set (UT) Robe of the Mad Scientist

Conducting Wand

Scepter of Fulmiation

Experimental  Ring

White bag drops

Wine Cellar Incantation 

Golden Nut (Treasure)

Golden Bolt (Treasure)


T8, T9, T10 and T11 Weapons

T8, T9, T10 and T11 Armors

T4 and T5 abilities

Robobuddy Egg

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