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Djinn 0



Djinn's Properties.

The Djinn is one of the easier mobs in the god lands to kill. It shoots medium size white balls in every direction. They do about 50 damage. To kill the djinn just keep on backing up and shooting. When it stops shooting now's the time to strike. If you back up into more gods either go back into the nexus or just turn a different direction. 

When dying, he flashes red and explodes, shooting white balls in every direction. If you can kill him fast enough, you will be priveledged to hear the oh-so-rare sound of a djinn dying. (It sounds sort of like killing an Enderman in Minecraft)

He has 1,000 HP and 20 DEF

He drops armor tier 6-7, weapons tier 6-7, rings tier 3-4, abilities tier 4, common and uncommon pet eggs, a speed potion, and 100xp.

Every class is suitable to kill him.

(Does not count to God Kills)

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