Example death

Death is when your character gets killed by any monster/god and then deleted permanently from the game. This only happens when your characters health points are reduced to below zero or you choose to delete them at the select character page after you click play on the home page. When your character dies for an unfair reason (eg. Unofficial spawnings in the Nexus) You can send a support ticket to Kabam and they may be able to revive your character. In sever situations (such as the 9/7/13 Nexus Spawnings, Kabam will revive all characters who were killed on that event(and they might even give you something else as a "please don't quit the game" offering (i.e, 8 Doom Bows or 5 character slots. But if you die don't worry! People die in the realm everyday. There isn't much you can do when you die but continue with what you have and move on. Wasting time mourning over your character is pointless as you cannot get him/her back.

Sometimes your character will die in the realms when you don't see any bullets coming at you; this is because of what we call lag which you will probably be familiar with if you are a frequent internet (or general online) user. Sometimes it occurs in a slightly different way but its usually the same basic thing. A good way to stop (or to lessen) lag is to do one of the following (recommended by wild shadow support) :

1. Check that you have the latest version of flash installed. You can check this by going to the Adobe website at: If you have the latest version of Adobe, please try loading the game in a different browser.

2. Flush your DNS: 1. Hit Windows + R and type CMD in the run box that appears and hit enter. 2. In the black box type "ipconfig /flushdns" and hit enter, you can copy and paste everything in between the quotes.

3. Clear your browser cache: You should do this once in a while anyway. Depending on your browser, check out the steps on this WikiHow:

4. Please also try disabling PepFlash in Google Chrome, that has been helping other players with this issue. Instructions can be found here:

Remember: the first time you die you can have your character back and all your equips and levels, but after that you will loose every single thing you have with you and your EXP. Thats why its good to use your vault chest a lot because the things in there won't go. Also, nothing will happen to your pet: it will be waiting for you in the pet yard.

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