An amulet that provides helpful benefits at the cost of raising your corpse that will attack your friends.

The Cursed Amulet of Zombification is an equipable item worn in the ring slot, and is only found in white bags in the Haunted Cemetary MiniDungeon. The amulet adds 1 to all normal stats (Attack, Defense, Speed, Vitality, Wisdom and Dexerity) and 20 to both Maximum MP and HP. It is an Untiered, Soulbound item, and if you drop it, only you will be able to see the bag, which will eventually disappear. It has 500 Feed Power. If you die while wearing this amulet, your character will die and be replaced by a fire-breathing zombie powerful enough to insta-kill a low-level character and provide quite a challenge for mid-level players. Be warned!

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